In the fall, I seemed to be becoming surprisingly close friends with three of my coworkers; interesting and pleasant, but two of those friendships have cooled significantly since then. And this turns out to have its own benefits, making it easier for me to pay attention to more of my coworkers. Which is interesting from a purely observational point of view - they're a distinctive bunch, I learn something from watching them, I enjoy interacting with them. And it's nice to have room for a larger number of lower-key friendships to develop; I've seen some of that happening over the last couple of months, I should spend more time nurturing that.

Not that I didn't enjoy the way things went in the fall: the coworkers in question are all people I still enjoy talking to, and I'm quite glad that one of those friendships has remained strong. But, in retrospect, it was both a bit exhausting and a bit myopic.

Hmm, I just edited out a third use of the word 'interesting' from the first paragraph. Honestly, I really do enjoy people on a pure personal level. (As long as there aren't too many of them around!) But it is doubtless clear to everybody who reads this blog that my brain is incapable of not going analytical at the drop of a hat.