Been thinking a lot recently about how to best approach a situation at work. I have some ideas about where I'd like it to end up, and some idea about short-term steps that I hope will lead in the right direction, but it's not adding up properly, there's too much worry. I think that I should focus on the short-term steps and not get too wedded to specific outcomes; it's possible, though, that I'm just shying away from some of the issues involved and should behave more forcefully.

I was going to say that this mirrors issues that I'm thinking about in my life more broadly, but it really doesn't: there, I know I want to be doing something different (on a different scale), but possible outcomes are way too vague right now. The similarity is that I think I'm okay with the short-term steps; that's something, but I could use help brainstorming the bigger picture.

Probably a good time to be going on vacation. Though that may end up not giving me enough down time, either: maybe I really need to spend more time alone, just walking and thinking. And writing, always writing.