A big part of the reason why I'm currently not very good at helping Miranda learn stuff is that my brain considers learning to be a solved problem, and a solved problem with a fairly banal solution. Namely: 1) Decide that you really want to learn something. 2) Ask yourself how you would act if you really wanted to learn that thing. There are, of course, further steps beyond those two, and I actually know a lot of techniques that can help with those further steps, but I keep on getting hung up on the first two steps.

It is, of course, possible to learn without doing that first step; back when I was teaching, I saw quite a bit of such learning! But a big part of the reason why I was happy to leave academia was that I'm ultimately not particularly interested in teaching in the absence of that first step. It seems to me to be quite reasonable for students to not be actively interested in learning calculus; why would I want to be in a situation where students are pressured not to make that choice, not to even think about it?

If you were to say that I kind of act like an asshole when my brain goes too far down this route, I would not disagree with you.