I've worn my Sorority Life hoodie for the last couple of days, for three reasons:

  1. It's been a little less cold, and my regular jacket is a bit on the warm side.
  2. We're getting hoodies at work, available with either the pink or blue versions of our logo, and there were rather too many jokes made about the pink being for girls and the blue being for boys.
  3. Whipping Girl pointed out just how reluctant men are to be associated with femininity—e.g. if a woman asks a man to hold her purse, he'll typically hold it away from his body instead of slinging it over his shoulder or even just tucking it under his arm—and I'd like to better understand my own responses in that regard.

It's been interesting: the third point is present, but already diminishing. So that's definitely good: I'm not drawn to femininity, but I'd like to be more in control of (or at least aware of!) my reactions there. And it's also reminded me of the fact that zippers are on the left side of women's clothing.

This experiment would, of course, be more powerful if the hoodie in question weren't mostly grey with a relatively small SL logo. Baby steps...