I am feeling better now than I was this morning, or than I was yesterday. So that is good. We'll see how the rest of the week goes, but I am optimistic.


At the start of this year, my allergies got a lot worse: I was taking a bunch of Claritin, and still I felt tired most days. But then I got a recommendation to start washing out my nose and I started feeling normal again.

Partway through the summer, though, it got worse again. I should probably talk about this with my doctor, but what with my back and leg and back problems, I feel like I've spent enough time in medical institutions recently.

Still: I'm tired of being tired. Which made it worse / weirder that I had a hard time getting to sleep last night; I'm not sure if it was a slight fever from my flu shot, or if my brain just has too much to process right now.

(Maybe it's a sign that my hypomania is coming back! That was certainly an interesting experience, though one that, on balance, I would rather not repeat...)


I feel like I'm a lot more prickly than I either used to be or want to be; I also feel like that prickliness doesn't come out uniformly, that it gets triggered by certain contexts.

Assuming that's true:

  1. What can/should I do about this triggering?
  2. What can/should I do to prevent the prickliness from leaking out to situations where I'm not triggered?

Localized infections are problematic but manageable; I don't want this to spread.


And with Agile Open California coming up, another reason why I'm feeling blocked (not just about blogging, more in general): for the last decade or so, I've spent a lot of time thinking about agile and related concepts, and running experiments to try to learn more. And, right now, my standard ways of running experiments in that regard aren't available, which is unsettling.

Which doesn't necessarily mean that I really am blocked: maybe it's a sign that I should enlarge my context, for example. But it's definitely thrown me off my game.

Something to think about; and, no matter what, I'm looking forward to Agile Open California, even if I expect it to be a bit frustrating last year.

(I would seem to have written a not-completely-dissimilar fragment after Agile Open California last year. Hmm.)


Thinking more about why I'm feeling unproductive: that mostly concerns how I use my evening time. Like I said in that fragment, I'm not infrequently tired, and I'm also watching TV a bit more than usual. (I try to put the TV time on days when I happen to be more tired.)

But part of it is that I downloaded a few puzzle programs for my iPad; Slitherlink in particular is both incredibly addictive and inserts itself into little fragments in my time if I let it. And it's very easy to let those fragments add up, so they turn from brief breaks into a sizeable chunk of my evening.

Which, on the one hand, I should guard against. But, on the other hand: I like thinking about games, and Slitherlink certainly gives me material for that. (I'll write more about that on my main blog over the next week or two.) So I don't want to beat myself up over it, either.

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